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Oasis Window Tinting Sales and Installation Team

Oasis Window Tinting Sales and Installation Team

Window tinting is our business, and our only business.For more than two decades we have tinted cars, vans, trucks, buses, boats, homes, high rises, and skyscrapers. Some of our jobs have taken a few minutes, while others have taken several months.  But whether your window tinting needs are big or small, we will do our best to earn your loyalty.  Customer loyalty is what has made us one of the oldest window tinting companies in the United States.

Since 1984, our motto has been that a happy customer is our best salesman. We have never spent a lot of money on advertising because we just didn’t need to.  Our phenomenal success has been almost entirely due to word of mouth.  People like us, and we work very hard to keep them liking us. 

Our secret is quite simple.  We have always tried our best to treat our customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves. 

When we want a job done, we don’t want broken appointments and lame excuses.  That’s why we do the work we promised when we promised to do it, and not days or weeks later. Our time is valuable to us, and we assume that our customers’ time is just as valuable to them: that’s why we promise not to waste it.

No one likes incompetent workmanship. We sure don’t and we assume our customers feel the same way.  We don’t see window tinting as a job; we see it as an art. Many shops hire people to slap tint on windows.  We see window tinting as a skill that requires natural aptitude, years of training, and a long tradition of excellence.  Our customers agree with us: that’s why they keep coming back.   

We are picky, and we expect our customers to be picky, too.  At Oasis we positively love picky customers because they are always the ones who brag about us the most.  They are also our most loyal customers as well as our best salesmen. 

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